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Photography Workshops Morocco

Our Photography Workshops in Morocco are entering into their 5th year and we’ve had some great successes.


photography-workshops-moroccoOne thing that has developed during the last couple of years is the improvement of camera equipment. Many guests are now arriving for our photography workshops in Morocco with decent recently acquired kit. It really makes a difference to the quality of photos taken.  I’m noticing that increasingly guests are producing more higher quality images at the end of their time here.  This is course makes the task of selecting their best photos all the more tricky, so invariably we’re ending up with larger final galleries!  I suspect we’re the only provider that runs photo workshops that review all images taken in one way or another. We feel only by looking at all your images can we see any technical hitches or indeed what your success rate is from shooting 300 photos.  Only 3 are Ok, then we’ll see why this is the case and take at look at some basic camera use or compositional aspects.

As an aside it’s also great to see photographers arriving with a 50mm prime lens. The ‘portrait’ lens is a great addition to any camera kit and available at f1.8 is not expensive, coming in at under £100. The extra wide aperture over most zoom lens will allow more light to enter the camera which is necessary for those lower light level situations. Most of the portrait work we shoot during our photography workshops in Morocco is situated in workshops or doorways rather than in open street situations so the ‘faster’ lens is beneficial.


photography-workshops-moroccoIf you’re thinking of taking one of photography workshops and have yet to buy kit then do get in touch with us. I can certainly recommend some alternative lenses to the supplied kit tens, such as the Tamron 18-270 which is a great utility/travel lens. It comes in about £320 and is very good quality. It does have it’s drawbacks; not a large aperture which is why the 50mm prime is so useful to have alongside. If budget is an issue then why not consider a secondhand lens from London Camera Exchange (UK).  They have branches all over the country and you can try out the kit before you buy as oppose to buying online. You can view the latest photos taken on our photography workshops in Morocco at our gallery page here. Best of luck with your photography. Darren

NB. Many thanks to John & Shauneen; their images are kindly reproduced above. All of November’s group produced some excellent photos.