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Essaouira is one the most enchanting spots in Morocco and a much more relaxed destination than neighbouring Marrakesh. It’s both a laid-back port town and a chic seaside resort and has quietly become one of the must-visit places for independent travellers and image-makers – providing a magnet for creative types – artists, photographers, movie stars & musicians who all descend here. It’s a small town and as such easily accessible by foot.  There’s very little hassle to be encountered which is perfect for photography and for single females arriving on their own.  It’s the kind of place you get to feel is yours and you’ll want to return to again.  Both faded and authentic buildings are the ideal backdrop for abstract photography plus the local people are genuinely warm although there are photographic challenges in reportage photography. With a little perseverance one can record some remarkable images. Essaouira’s appeal is its charming blend of 18th-century medina, temperate climate, slightly alternative atmosphere, vitality, colour and it’s vast sandy beaches.

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BACK IN 2015. Nestled among the boulder-strewn mountains of the Anti-Atlas in the Ameln Valley is the town of Tafraoute.  It’s remarkable situation can only be appreciated after the mountainous road journey to get there. Boulders surround the town changing from grey to orange to red throughout the day.  The area is also known for its almond trees and wonderfully photogenic blossom harvested in late February, celebrated by all-night festivals among the villages. Surrounding Tafraoute are small hamlets hemmed in by imposing towers of granite.  The area is also famous as the location for the painted rocks; an installation art piece created in 1984 by Jean Verame, an artist specialising in monumental works. To the east of Tafraoute is Tata, and the beginning of Morocco’s desert.  The journey between both towns is simply staggering for evolving terrain encountered en-route.

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The high and middle Atlas regions of Morocco run for nearly 1000km from the Atlantic coast near Agadir and Essaouira eastwards. Their sharp peaks, deep valleys, and high plateaus create a dramatic landscape varying in terrain from pine forests to rocky deserts. Nestled within are a number of spectacular passes, gorges and valleys including the Draa Valley, rich in history and once used by traders on their way to Tombouctou in Mali. Now countless old villages and Kasbah’s can be found here including Ait Benhaddou a regular stopping point on our tours. 4 hours drive south of the Atlas are the desert dunes at Merzouga and another spectacular shift in landscape. The region has a timeless feel and is ideal for a variety of photographic possibilities.