Great photos live long in the mind but what makes a great photo.  It often depends on the viewer of course but certainly composition, originality and identifying with the subject are key factors.  Also the wealth of visual education every individual has that informs his or her decisions.  What’s for sure is that aspiring photographers have secret remits and part of our role at Images in the Sun, is to capitalise on those expectations and sometimes to expand and develop them.
 Photography courses in Morocco for groups.  Our tours bring individuals from all walks of life to enjoy the process of photography together.  Course attendees have come from Spain, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, NZ, Australia, US, Canada, Poland and the UK which is the most popular source of photographers. All have a passion for taking better photos usually with either a feel for textures and colour or for photographing people.  Age wise our youngest client has been 19 and our oldest, 75.
Digital cameras can give superb results with a little tuition… Cameras can appear intimidating.  There are a multitude number of controls, which seemingly can never be comprehended.  Fingers and thumbs often conspire to confuse the process.  So we try to reduce the teaching to it’s essential core – on a need to know basis.  We don’t try to overload the workshops with too much techie info.  The key details up front with refreshers and some extras throughout the week.  Practice with your camera makes perfect so getting to know your camera controls before you come out on a course pays dividends.
Photography Holidays are great for friends.  We’re particularly keen to explore groups of 3 coming out on either a split tour in Essaouira and the High Atlas or on the complete 10 day tour itself.  Three is often a  good number and the dynamic suits the experience of touring well.  You’d have your own space in a 4x4 car for the during of the tour with myself and my wife who is a translator for the tours.
Never a dull moment…a residential photography courses in Morocco is an invite to new experiences.  It’s not all about the photography when you come to Morocco but also the opportunity to experience a very different culture for a few days.  Just the smells and movement of people in the streets can seem and is very different. Our holiday focuses on the quieter areas of Morocco so you have the best chance to spend time with your photography without being hassled. Consequently we don’t run workshops in Marrakesh. Also a holiday in Morocco is a chance to get under the skin of a very different culture and so we’re happy to offer insights into life here.  We’re based in Essaouira and so we have a good idea of what it’s all about.  Still there’s much to learn of course and essentially it’s a fascinating cultural experience both living and visiting the country.
Photography Tours in Morocco is more than a tour.  Seems obvious right?  However travel and photography are two carefully juggled pursuits and it’s something we’re acutely aware of here.  It’s not simply about the destination but arriving at the right time for the light and feeling that you’ve already bagged a few pretty decent images that day.  Getting the mix of people of places to satisfy a photographers’ palate is part of the buzz of what makes running a photography tour good fun but also demanding.
Photography Holidays in Morocco. Colour appeals out in Morocco and so doors and fabrics really stand out as the kinds images that people long to shoot on the workshops.  But as colour alone it’s not enough.  A great photo also needs a point of focus, compositional sense and to be sharp in the right places.  It’s juggling all those technical and artistic hats that make a successful image all the more pleasing.  It’s not that easy!  However by understanding what to look for and by having a solid technical basis of understanding from which to work then the aspiring photographers’ hit rate increase dramatically.
Photography Holidays with adventure.  We specialise in small-group photography tours, holidays and workshops, offering individual tuition on the photographic process from using your camera controls to composition and post-processing your images.  We understand everyone has different learning styles and understands at different speeds and in different ways.  Groups sessions are always supportive and there’s no elitism here. With a background in teaching we advocate inclusive learning.
A photography course with an experienced photography tutor in stunning locations.  Unfortunately not a stunning tutor, however that would be a distraction perhaps.  My background is both as an image-maker in video, film and photography and as a tutor in the UK working in the 16-19 sector. With several qualified years under my belt, working with motivated adults is a whole lot easier and much more rewarding life before.  So don’t worry if you feel that you’re under-skilled before you arrive, we’re quite happy to patiently work with you. We value your booking.
Photography Holidays for singles.  Men and women are both welcome of course but the growth sector is arguably women looking for cultural/activity holidays and courses offering new experiences.  Our holidays in Essaouira are ably set-up for ladies.  Whilst it offers an element of adventure it’s a relaxed and friendly town geared up for tourism only 3 or so hours from the UK.  You’ll feel safe here in Morocco - you can wander freely without hassle.  The evening dining locations are varied throughout the week and you have the chance to enjoy a glass of wine at most restaurants.


I learnt more in a day with Darren than I ever picked up in a weekend course. It is one thing to be good at something, another to teach it effectively. Darren was organised, and great at imparting conceptual understanding. He gets my vote!
Jane, Sept. 2015

Welcome to Images in the Sun, a showcase for photographic practice and photography courses in Morocco.

Images in the Sun organises inspiring, small-group photo holidays, photo tours and photo workshops in Morocco. Our Morocco photography holidays include a week in Essaouira and our photography tours are tailored for Morocco’s desert south and High Atlas range.

So whatever your photographic ability - beginner to advanced - we have the ideal photographic opportunity for you.

8 day photography tour

Essaouira Atlas photography Tours - blue boats and vast landscapes - A wonderful mix of locations in an 8 night package. Capture the enchanting fishing port at Essaouira before venturing over the Atlas to Ait benhaddou photographing ruined kasbahs and Berber families. These photography tours ends with a night in Marrakesh and starts on Dec. 7th. Dates are flexible. Register below for start dates and prices.

Mountains, Valley and Desert Tour - Morocco

Mountains, Valley and Desert Tour - Morocco - A 5 night tour and photography course specialising in photographing landscapes, around Taroudant, Tafraoute & Tata. Beginning in Marrakesh, the holiday tours the Anti-Atlas to the edge of the Sahara. The landscape is dotted with picturesque kasbahs and reaches heights of up to 3000 metres. ON REQUEST.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira - Atlantic coast of Morocco - 'A photographer's dream' - Our photography holidays for beginners offer a special blend of photography and relaxation. With all year sun and a temperate climate, the 7 night holiday is located in a charming Riad in the heart of the wonderful UNESCO Medina of Essaouira - a relaxed town and a feast for the image maker. Chosen for The Times Photography Holidays Competition and What Digital Camera.